Graduate Students


Ozge Erdogan

Graduate Student
DMSc Student, Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Yeditepe University Dental School, Turkey

Ozge graduated from Yeditepe University Dental School, Turkey and completed endodontic (root canals!) residency training at Hacettepe University, Turkey. During residency, she treated patients with excruciating toothache on a daily basis. This experience motivated her for pain research. She worked as a full-time instructor at NYU College of Dentistry, and was involved in clinical pain studies. In hopes of better understanding the underlying mechanisms of dental pain and its relationship with dental infection, she decided... Read more about Ozge Erdogan


Dylan Neel

Graduate Student
M.D. PhD Student, Harvard/MIT
M.Phil in Pharmacology - University of Cambridge and A.B. in Neurobiology - Harvard College

Dylan grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. He completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard College (A.B. neurobiology) and subsequently earned an M.Phil in pharmacology from the University of Cambridge. As an undergraduate, he worked in Dr. Angela Koehler’s lab to use chemical-biology approaches to target transcription factors in human cancers. Dylan is currently a student in the Harvard MD-PhD program (BBS), and hopes to graduate sometime in the next several decades. He is interested in studying how neuro-immune interactions can modulate pain responses and contribute to processes like neuropathy and neurodegeneration. ... Read more about Dylan Neel